100th Day Activities for Upper Elementary

Hundredth Day of School celebrations are often geared toward the primary grades. If you teach in a K-5 school though, the celebration probably extends to the entire school. That leaves intermediate teachers searching for 100th day activities for upper elementary students.

100th day activities for upper elementary

Don’t you worry though. There are plenty of fun activities that you can do on the big day! The best activities are those that combine learning standards with 100th day fun. I will be sharing some of my favorite 100th day activities for upper elementary with you today!

100th Day of School Centers

100th Day learning centers for upper elementary

I love using learning centers all year long, but special occasions like the 100th day are perfect days for learning stations. You can set up the entire day with a set number of learning center activities for students to rotate through. You can also create center activities for different subject areas. Do what works for you and your classroom! Here are some of my favorite 100th day center ideas.

  • 100 total math problems. Stock the center with number tiles, base ten blocks, calculators, etc. and have students create math problems that equal 100.
  • “If I had $100” writing activity. Have students write about what they would do if they had $100.
  • 100 blocks. Give students (or partners/ groups) 100 building blocks. See what creations they are able to come up with!
  • 100 words. Let students brainstorm 100 words to fit into categories. Categories could include 100 nouns, 100 verbs, 100 animals, 100 countries around the world, 100 colors, etc.
  • $100 shopping trip. Give students a challenge to plan a party and shop for the supplies using only $100. Bring in sales ads from local stores or use online options.
  • 100 miles from here. This is a great activity for practicing map skills! Use a paper or digital map to find locations that are 100 miles away. Research things to do/ see in that area.
  • My 100 year old self. Imagine you live to be 100 years old. What is your life like? What about the world around you? Have students write about it.

100th Day Math Activities

100th day math activities for upper elementary

Coming up with 100th Day math activities for your students is not as difficult as it might sound. Base all of your activities around the number 100. Here are some 100th day math activities.

  • math problems that equal 100
  • multiply with 100
  • subtracting from 100
  • shopping with $100
  • solving 100 multiplication fact problems

100th Writing Activities

100th Day writing activities for upper elementary

Create writing prompts or activities using the number 100. Here are some ideas.

  • 100 things that make me happy.
  • Before I am 100 years old. Things I want to accomplish.
  • If I had $100.
  • 100 people I would like to meet and why
  • 100 places I would like to visit
  • 100 ways to make the world a better place.

100th Day Social Studies Activities

Who says you can’t bring 100th day fun into your science or social studies block? These fun social studies ideas are perfect to continue the learning.

  • 100 miles from here. Map skills activity
  • List or Research 100 cities (maybe in your state, country, or by population in the world. Locate and mark cities on a map.)
  • 100 years of history. Highlight the important U.S. or world events over the past 100 years. Create a timeline or use one to answer questions.
  • 100 years ago. Research the year 100 years ago. What was life like? What important events happened?
  • 100 famous people. Have students create a list of 100 famous athletes. Research 100 people important to the American Revolution. There are so many options here.

Other Fun 100th Day Activities

100th day of school upper elementary activities
  • 100 seconds physical challenges (Example: Complete 100 jumping jacks. Record your time and compare to your classmates.)
  • 100 piece mosaic art project
  • 100 piece STEM challenge (Examples: Create a tower with 100 marshmallows and toothpicks. Create a 100 block tower that allows matchbox cars to travel through it.)
  • build a 100 piece puzzle
  • 100 block creations
  • 100th Day Kindness Challenge. Brainstorm 100 ways you can bring kindness to your classroom/ school/ city.

I hope these ideas have shown you that creating fun and educational activities for a 100th day celebration for upper elementary students is totally possible! If you are more the done-for-you type, then you can check out my 100th Day Resource here! It includes enough activities to keep your students learning all day. A digital version is also included!

Get your 100th Day Activities resource HERE.

100th day activities upper elementary

Have a great 100th Day celebration!

100th day activities for upper elementary